Sales - Packing lists

To view the list of your packing lists go to

Sales > packing lists

You will see the next columns:

  • Packing list number

  • Date and time of created packing list

  • Tracking number

  • Customer

  • Sales order

  • Tag

  • Date and time of created sales order

  • Status (of the sales order)

  • Shipping status

  • Amount

  • Amount with tax included

  • Warehouse

You can also add more columns, such as

  • Address

  • City

  • Zip code

  • State/Province

  • Country

  • Owner (the user which created the document)

You can easily add/remove/move/filter the columns in order to create custom reports.

If you check the boxes in front of wanted packing lists and click on the 'bulk action' button, you will be able to print, save to G-drive, email or download selected packing lists.

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