If you want to create an inventory checking (stocktakings), go to

Inventory > Stocktakings > Create

When you clik on the 'create' button, the system will offer you multiple ways to create the inventory checking (stocktakings)

If you choose manual entry, you will be able to add the products one by one in the item line of the document.

But if you choose one of the other options, for example product categories, the document will have an additional field, where you will be able to choose one of the existing categories and the system will list you all the items that belong to that category in the item line.

Once you enter the numbers in the 'physical count' column for each of the listed items and save the document, you will get a green glowing 'compared to stock' button.

When you compare your physical count to your stock count, the deficit and surplus columns will appear and the system will recalculate the amount -deficit and amount -surplus column.

The inventory checking is only a record document, it doesn't make any changes and corrections in your stock.

If you want your stock levels to be adjusted according to your inventory counts, you can proceed to the stock adjustment.

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