Discount field

`To issue a discount for a product on the purchase order or sales order in ERPAG, you can do that by using the discount field in the items section of these documents.

Go to:

Sales > Sales orders

Open the wanted sales order from the list or create a new one. If you are altering the existing sales order, go to 'edit' to enable changing.

You will see a discount column it the item section, and a separate discount field for each of the listed items. This will enable you to issue the discount only for the wanted products and for each of the products the discount can be different.

The discount is applied on the price without the tax included.

When you save in the wanted discount amount and you save the document, the system will recalculate you the total amount according to the changes you made.

The discount can be applied only if the status of the document is entered. Once the sales order is packed or the items from the purchase order are received, the discount can no longer be applied.

Purchase order - discount

If your supplier approves a discount for the items you are purchasing, you will use the discount field in the purchase order to apply that discount.

Purchasing > Purchase orders

Create a new purchase order using the 'create' option, or open the wanted purchase order from the list and go to edit mode. You will see the discount field in the items section.

Type in the wanted discount and save the document. ERPAG will recalculate the amount with the discount included.

If you want to display the selling price as 0, just type in 100% discount.

ERPAG allows you to pack and invoice products and services with 0 as a price, but along with the price being 0, you have to enter 100% discount.

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