Customer return

In order for customer return to be possible, the status of the Sales Order must be 'packed' and 'invoiced'. If the status of the SO is entered, packed, shipped, the return won't be possible. Once the document is packed and invoiced, the 'customer return' button will appear.

Click on the 'customer return' button and confirm it. The quantities will be in negative numbers. You can do a whole or partial customer return. If a customer is returning whole quantity, leave it as is, if it's a partial return, just retype the quantity, but keep the minus in front of the number:

If a customer is not returning some items at all, just delete them from the list by clicking on the delete button in the upper right corner, selecting the non-returned items by checking the boxes, and clicking on the red delete button:

Post the document and confirm it.

The document will appear on the Sales Order list under the original document, with the same SO number, but with the status 'returned'.

If you open a stock card of a product (open a product > reports > stock card), you will see that the items are deducted from your stock:

If you need to refund the customer for the returned items, open the returned document from the SO list, and click on the payment button. The displayed amount will be negative. Select the appropriate bank account and record the payment.

The payment status of the returned document will switch to 'paid', and the amount will be deducted from your customers' balance.

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