Multiple currency

To add an additional currency in ERPAG, you will go to:

Accounting > Exchange lists > Add new

Once you've done that, the system will ask you to enter basic information about the currency and to enter the exchange rate.

In the example line, you will be able to check the entered exchange rate according to the particular value, to see if you are satisfied with the exchange rate you have entered.

When you save the created exchange rate, it will appear on the exchange lists and you will be able to start adding it to your customers and suppliers.

The currency you have chosen will reflect on all the documents linked to that customer/supplier. Of course, you are always able to change the assigned currency and any time.

The exchange rate is changeable on the document level.

And when you want to printout, mail to or download this document, the system will offer you the choice between the domestic and the assign currency.

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