Chart - Sales by a product

In ERPAG, you can generate different types of reports and customize them according to your workflow.

To generate a report that will reflect the sales flow of a particular product, go to:

Sales > Sales by a product

This will open a window that will enable you to adjust the report parameters as well as the groups for which you want the report to be generated.

In the report parameters, you will be able to choose what type of report you are generating: according to the warehouse, product category, trademark, user/supplier category, or according to a particular user working within the system.

The system will also enable you to choose a particular warehouse, whether the amount will be a certain type of price (such as purchase price, selling price, with or without tax, according to the tax or discount amount...)or the quantity, or you can simply choose to select all. The last thing you need to specify is the date period, e.g. to choose the start date and the end date for the report.

In the group section, you will be able to choose for which product you are generating the report for, either by SKU or the Description of that product. Also, you will be able to further specify the report for that product by group, trademark, category and according to one of the users working within the system.

ERPAG will generate the wanted chart accordingly.

Once you are done, you can move forward and print out the chart, mail it, download it, etc.

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