Chart - Stock by day

In ERPAG, you can generate different types of reports and customize them according to your workflow.

To generate a report that will reflect your daily stock, go to:

Inventory > Stock by day

This will open a window where you will be able to customize the report parameters and specify the type of the report you would like to generate. You can costumize:

  • Type according to which the report will be generated (warehouse, product category, trademark, customer/supplier category or user)

  • Warehouse for which you would like to generate the report

  • Amount, whether it would be the stock price or the quantity

  • Period for which you would like to generate the report

  • Dates: start and end date

In the group section, you can choose for which groups the report should be generated, between the existing product categories, trademarks, the customer/supplier categories and according to which user working within the system you would like to generate the report.

Once you adjust the groups and the report parameters, the system will generate a report of your stock flow accordingly.

You will be able to review the report in the form of a chart and in the for of a list as well.

From here, you can proceed printing out the report, mailing it, downloading it etc.

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