Service Project

In order to generate a service project in ERPAG, there are a few things that you need to set up first.

Go to:

Inventory > products and services > add new - service

ERPAG will open a window where you will be able to add all the necessary information about the service. Once you've done that and saved the changes, you can proceed to the manufacturing module.

In the manufacturing module, you have to set up the following:

  • employees

  • machines (if you are using any for servicing)

  • job titles

  • work operations

The most important thing from the list is to set up the work operations correctly.

When creating the work operation you need to make sure that the type of the work operation is 'with invoice details'.

Once you choose this type for the work operation, the 'invoice details' section will appear, where you will choose to which service this work operation will be connected to from the drop-down menu or use the quick add option to add a service on the spot.

You also have a rounding field in the invoice details section, so you can select that if, for example, you work for less than an hour, this would still be invoiced as an hour.

Once you've finished with all these steps, you can create a service project by going to:

Manufacturing > service projects > create

This will open a window where you will be able to enter the information about the customer, about the item etc. You will also have a work order section to add the work order to this service project.

In the item section, you also have a damage description field and the product info field, where you can enter the information which part of the item you are repairing.

When you generate a work order, you will have to input a work operation (one or more) - the one connected to the service project and choose the input item - if you are not only repairing but also replacing a parts or items.

If you entered your employee information, job titles and machines, you will have additional columns in the work operation section, where you will be able to choose the machine and employee performing this work operation.

Enter the realized time for the work operation and record the changes. Once you save the work order, in the service project you will see a 'launch' button. Click on it to start the service project and confirm.

Open the work order and and launch and complete it as well.

Now you can complete the service project and generate a sales order.

On the sales order, you will see the service that was connected to the work operation in the work order of the service project and the input items from the work order, if you added any.

Now you can proceed to print it out, download it in pdf or mail it to your customer.

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