Manufacturing project

Manufacturing project is used for products that are based on multi-level BOM, since they contain more than one work order inside of a single project.

You can either generate a MP from a sales order, or manually by going to:

Manufacturing > manufacturing projects

On the list you will see all the manufacturing projects you have entered in the system. The status of the manufacturing project can be Planned, In Process or Completed.

The manufacturing project will give you a tree-view of your multi-level BOM product:

Once you click on the 'Launch' button in the top right corner, the statuses of your individual work orders will change to available quantity, partial quantity or no quantity. And the status of your manufacturing project will be 'in process'.

If the status of your work order is partial quantity or no quantity - if you are purchasing the missing items from your vendor, they will appear under purchasing > fulfillment.

The generated work orders will also appear under manufacturing > work orders.

When you open a sales order with available quantity, you can either go step by step:

Load materials;
Deliver finished goods.

Or go straight to 'complete as planned' which will automatically load materials and deliver the finished goods and your realized time will be equal to your planned time.

3. Complete as planned.

Once you complete all work orders within a manufacturing project, just click on the 'complete button' to complete the project as well.

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