Bank Accounts

To add bank accounts in ERPAG, go to:

Accounting > Bank accounts

ERPAG will offer you a ‘main bank account’ on default and you either change it or create a new one by using the ‘add new’ option.

Here you can also add your PayPal and Blue snap accounts.

The ‘add new’ option will open a new window where you will be able to type in the description and the bank account number, as well as add some additional info.

Once you save the changes you made to the document, this additional account will appear on the bank account list.

When you open a bank account you can set up the balance.

If you have previous balance it will be displayed. You can enter cash deposit (which will increase the amount in your bank account) or cash withdrawal (which will decrease the amount in your bank account), and confirm it by clicking on the 'set balance' button.

You can also create new transactions:

  • Transfer

  • Bank fees

  • Petty cash

Transfer will allow you to transfer wanted amount from one bank account to another. Just enter the amount and select the bank account to which you are transferring the amount. The new balance will be automatically calculated. And confirm it by clicking on the 'transfer' button.

Bank fee will deduct the entered amount from the chosen bank account.

And it will create the corresponding journal voucher.

And petty cash is usually small amount that gets written off due to rounding up the prices.

And you can always see your bank report, which will show you your payment transactions

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