In ERPAG, you can use vouchers that will entitle your customers to a discount or that can be exchanged for goods or services.

You can create a voucher by going to:

Sales > Vouchers > Create

The system will offer you two types of vouchers in the drop-down menu:

  • Gift voucher is a voucher bought in a shop and given to the third party.

  • Reward voucher is a voucher that you give to your loyal customers, usually after achieving some sales matrix

Once you start creating the voucher, you will be able to set up your own voucher number, select the date from which the voucher is valid, select the warehouse, enter the description (usually the name of the customer), enter the amount. ERPAG usually gives one month as an expiration date, but you can adjust that as well. Save the changes and the voucher will be created.

On the voucher list, you can all the information about the issued vouchers, including the dates, amounts and statuses.

Vouchers can be used only in point of sales.

Sales > New receipt

Make sure you are in the right warehouse.

Select the products you are selling and fix quantity, if needed. Click on the ‘total’ button.

You will see a ‘voucher’ filed where you should type in the voucher number.

Click on ‘find’ and the voucher amount will be shown on the field and the remaining amount will be recalculated and shown in the ‘cash’ section. Click on the print button to get a preview.

On the preview you will be able to see that an amount of the receipt was paid with a voucher.

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