Quantity below minimum

In ERPAG you can set up minimum stock quantity for all your products.

Inventory > products and services > open product > edit

Whenever your product hits the minimum stock quantity you assigned, that item will show up in the fulfillment list. With minimum stock quantity displayed, along with the quantity of items that needs to be ordered.

Purchasing > fulfillment

From here, do the fulfillment as usual: check the items you want to order > bulk action > purchase order. This will generate you the PO which later you will receive in order to cover the assigned minimum stock quantity.

This option works for products that are based on BOM as well.

But, these products will show up in the Manufacturing > Fulfillment list:

From this list, generate a work order by selecting the items from the list > bulk action > work order.

You can generate separate work orders, or summarized one (where all selected items will be on a single work order along with their input materials and work operations).

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