Custom Fields

If you want to add some additional information to your products /sales orders /purchase orders/ customers /suppliers /work orders and you do not see any field for that in ERPAG, you can use the custom fields.

When you go to:

Sales > Sales orders, Quotations, Customers
Purchasing > Purchase orders, Suppliers
Inventory > Products & Services
Manufacturing > Work Orders

Choose the wanted document / product from the list, open it and go to edit mode and the ‘custom fields’ section will appear.

For the manual entry, click on the gear button, type in the appropriate caption and that will make the populated custom field visible on the printout of the document.

To create a drop-down list, instead of 'manual entry' choose type 'list'. Type in the caption of the column, and enter the field values:

Once you save the changes, you will get a drop-down list from which you will choose the value that will show on the printout:

The caption will remain the same for all the documents of the same type, e.g. the caption that you type in for one sales order will appear on default on all sales orders. But, this caption will appear on the printout only if the value is populated as well. If the value is not populated, the caption will not be visible on the printout of that sales order. The same goes for the purchase orders and products as well.

ERPAG will offer you ten custom fields for additional information. Only the ones that are populated will appear on the printout.

In order for these custom fields to be able to appear on the documents, this option must be set up in the document template as well. You can do that by going to:

Administration > Document templates

Choose the wanted document type from the list and open it. Go to 'edit' mode. In the middle section of the document, by using the gear button, you will just check the boxes in front of the custom values that you would like to see on the printout.

The custom fields can also be visible on the documents / products and services list. You can set this up by using the ‘more’ option on the upper right corner of the screen and checking the boxes in front of the custom values that you will like to see on the list.

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