QR Code patterns

QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a type of 2D barcode used to provide easy access to detailed information for an item, by using a smartphone.

The pattern that is entered in ERPAG is


  • X – SKU

  • S – Serial number leading chars

  • F – Serial number from / start counter

  • E – Serial number leading chars (to, end)

  • T – Serial number to / end counter

  • L – Lot number

The option is applied in the mobile application when we receive items to our stock.

When the menu is activated, all items that can be received are displayed (purchase orders have been previously created).

When scanning through the camera, ERPAG compares the read QR code with the entered pattern. Decodes it and fills in the serial (and lot if the item is set that way) numbers.

The rest of the work is identical to the standard work on the mobile application.

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