Outstanding pay-ins

When you create a customer, you can assign him specific terms of payment.

That terms of payment will automatically be pulled in the Sales Order you create for that customer.

As long as the status of the created sales order is 'entered' you will be able to select different terms of payment.

By going to the outstanding pay-ins list, you will see all the payments you can expect, and that are overdue.

By selecting the invoices from the list, and clicking on the 'bulk action', you will get 3 options:

  • Record payment

  • Request money

  • Merge payments

Record payment will give you an option to record a payment, which will automatically mark the selected sales order (invoice) as paid, and the SO will disappear from the outstanding pay-ins list.

In case you have a stripe account which you connected to ERPAG, with the option 'request payment' you will be able to email the payment link to your customer directly from our system.

With option 'merge payments' you can merge two or more payments together in one. This is useful in case your customer pays everything together at once, or you have a sales that is overpaid and you want to deduct a certain amount from another sales order. You can merge payments to the existing invoice, or to create a brand new one.

Merging the payments won't remove the payments from the list. It will simply join them in one payment, so it will be easier for you to record more than one payment at once.

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