Work Orders - Convert to standard

If you want to issue some changes on your existing BOMs, but you want to avoid creating the work orders for them from the start and would rather adjust the existing ones short term, you have an option to do so.

Start creating your BOM based product, from any of the four given ways:

  • the product itself

inventory > products and services 
> open the wanted product from the list
> go to the create button and choose 'work order'
  • From the fulfilment list

manufacturing > fulfillment 
> check the box in front of the wanted item
> bulk action > work orders
  • From the sales order

sales > sales orders> create new/ open an existion one
> generate > work order
  • From the work order list

manufacturing > work orders > create > based on -BOM

Once you've created the work order based on bill of materials and saved it, you will see that the system will not allow you to issue any changes, because this type of work order follows the product recipe that you entered in the product level.

In order to make the necessary changes, you need to click on the 'convert to' option on the right- hand side of the screen.

Once you've confirmed that you want to convert to standard, go to edit mode and you will see that your work order has become editable.

Note that you need to adjust the input as well as the output items, the system will not adjust anything automatically.

The BOM based work order has the product recipe according to which it adjusts and calculates the quantities and everything else, while the standard work order is an open document for you to make the necessary adjustments for all aspects.

Changes made in this way are short term, and if you dont change them on the product level, you will have to adjust the work order every time you go into production.

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