How to define multiple warehouses

In ERPAG a warehouse is a virtual or a non-virtual object that a company uses to store its goods, e.g. a branch office, a retail store or a consignment warehouse. By default, ERPAG will open two warehouses: a main warehouse and a retail warehouse.

You can access the warehouses list by going to:

Administration > Warehouses list

To create an additional warehouse, just click on 'create'. This will open a window allowing you to define the warehouse information.

In ERPAG you can define as many warehouses as your workflow requires. You can easily transfer item between the warehouses by using the 'transfer' option:

Inventory > Transfers > Create

By doing this, the items you have listed will be taken out of stock from the source warehouse you defined and they will be placed in the destination warehouse of your choice.

If you need to do the transfer asap, and you don't actually want to follow all the steps (pack, ship, receive), we also have 'complete as planned' button, which allows you to complete the transfer automatically.

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