Receive inventory items

Receiving the items in ERPAG is done via Purchase Orders. To create a PO manually, go to

Purchasing > purchase orders > create

Choose a warehouse, supplier, items and their quantities. Save the document. After you save it, the status of the PO will be 'entered' and a flashing green 'receive' button will appear.

By clicking on it, you will create a 'goods received note' document, which will offer you all the items and their quantities from the PO.

The received quantity you will enter in the fields by simply retyping the suggested quantities. For the items that are completely unreceived, you will either type in zero as a quantity, or delete it from the list.

With the ‘Post Document option’ we are placing the items from the Goods Received Note in stock.

If you haven’t received the complete quantity from the Purchase Order, the ‘Receive’ option will be visible again and you will have the possibility to generate a new Goods Received Note, that will offer you the remaining quantity.

The view of the Purchase Order will be changed and in the Item section you will get a ‘Received quantity’ column. Also, for each Goods Received Note that you generate, you will have a separate panel that you can expand in order to see the content.

In case there has been a mistake during the receiving process, it’s possible to separately Void any of the Goods Received Notes or the entire Purchase Order.

After the entire quantity is received, it’s possible to generate a Supplier Invoice.

The status of the document will be ‘Partially Received’ if the items are received partially and ‘Received’ if the items are completely received.

In ERPAG, Serial and/or Lot Numbers are entered in the Goods Received Note, where those columns will be automatically opened in case you track your items by serial or lot numbers.

The second way of creating the purchase orders, is to generate them from the fulfillment option. In case you have sales orders with partial quantity or no quantity, all the items that you are missing will appear in the fulfillment, which you will open by going to

Purchasing > fulfillment

You will see the list of all items that you need to order in order to complete your sales orders, along with the supplier you are getting them from, purchase price and expected date of the delivery.

Simply check the boxes in front of the items you want to order, and click on the

Bulk action > purchase orders > ok

This will automatically create the purchase orders for the selected items, towards the corresponding suppliers. You can check them by going to the purchase orders list.

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