For easier organization, filtering the lists and generating custom reports, each product in ERPAG can be assigned to a shelf.

Shelves are opened in the inventory module.

Inventory > shelves

In the system you will have only the default shelf. But you can add as many as you need by clicking on the create button. The list will also show you the number of products that belong to the specific shelf.

When you create a new shelf, add the wanted description and note (note is optional). And save it.

One product can only belong to one shelf!

You can assign shelves to your product upon importing them from your xls spreadsheet.

Or you can assign a shelf to a product you manually created, by selecting the wanted shelf from the drop down menu.

Here you also have the option to quick add a new shelf which will automatically be assigned to the product.

You can also change the shelf of your products in a bulk.

Select products > bulk action > shelf > ok
Select the shelf from the displayed list > ok

And selected product will be switched to selected shelf.

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