Label templates

In order to print your labels, in ERPAG, first, you need to create a label template.

Administration > Label templates

Here, you will see the list of all created label templates.

Click on ‘create’ and a new window will open. Here you need to add the description of the label template. And choose:

  • Price decimal

  • Unit of measure (UOM) (inch/mm)

  • Width (UOM)

  • Height (UOM)

  • Print resolution (150dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi)

And in the designer section, you will design your own template by simply dragging the wanted fields onto the template example. You can resize them, switch their positions. If you want to delete it, rotate it, choose the font or the type just click on the gear button and select > delete/rotate/type, font size.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your label template you can save the document.

The next step is to assign that template to your products.

Inventory > products and services > open a product > edit, scroll down to find barcode

Click on the label template and select the created template.

You can print the label per quantity or a single label. If you select:

1. Per quantity – the number of labels displayed for printing will be for each piece you have in stock. So, if you have 5 pcs on hand, the system will display 5 labels for printing. If you have 0, you won’t be able to print out the label.

2. Single label – single label allows you to print out the label even if you don’t have items in your stock. The displayed label will always be 1.

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