Move inventory

In case you have multiple warehouses, you can easily transfer your items between them. ERPAG supports multiple warehouses. Each warehouse can have it's own tax location, address, and user authorization which can be full access, read only and denied. To transfer items from one warehouse to another, go to

Inventory > transfers > create

Select the source warehouse (the warehouse you are sending the items from), destination warehouse (the warehouse you are sending the items to), add description and landing cost if needed, and select the items you want to transfer and their quantities. Save the entered document. The status of the document will be 'entered'.

After you save it, the system will let you know whether you have the available quantity to complete the transfer and you will see a flashing green 'pack' button. Once you click on that button and post the document, the items will be removed from your stock.

The status of the document will be 'in process' and a flashing 'ship' button will appear. If you want to track which items are shipped from one warehouse to another, you can use it as an additional step prior to receiving the items to the destination warehouse. Otherwise, you can just skip to the 'receive' button underneath to force receive the items.This will place the items in the source warehouse.

After you receive the transferred items into your destination warehouse, the status of the document will be 'completed'.

If you don't want to go through all the steps every time that you are doing a transfer, you can just use the complete as planned option on the right-hand side of the screen and the transfer will be automatically completed.

You can use this feature to transfer the items back and forth between each warehouse you have. Whenever you create a new document, check if you are in the correct warehouse before you start adding the items.

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