Purchase orders

There are three ways to create a purchase order in ERPAG:

  • The first way to create a purchas eorder in ERPAG is directly from the supplier.

Purchasing > Suppliers

Open the wanted supplier, click on the create button from the right-hand side of the screen and select the purchase order from the dropdown menu.

This will automatically generate a purchase order for the selected supplier.

In the item section, choose the items from the drop-down menu, adjust the quantities and purchase price if needed. Save the document and a new purchase order will be created.

  • The second way is to create a purchase order is by clcking on the 'create' button while being on the purchase order list.

Purchasing > Purchase orders

This will open a blank document where you will be able to select the supplier and the items from the list.

  • The third and last way to create a purchase order in ERPAG is through the fulfillment option.

In order to generate a purchase order through the fulfillment option, you need to have a sales order with partial quantity or no quantity. And all products need to have assigned suppliers and purchase price.

Now, when we go to the fulfillment, we will see this product on the list.

Purchasing > Fulfillment

We can check the box in front of the wanted product and generate a purchase order by using the bulk action.

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