Product properties

In ERPAG, you can use product properties to provide additional information about the product.

To create product properties in ERPAG, go to:

Inventory > Product properties

Here ERPAG will already have two product properties created on default:

  • Size ( S, M, L, XL...)

  • Color ( Red, Green, Blue...)

You can add on more values to each of the offered variations, and you can add more variations by using the 'add new' button.

This will lead you to a window where you will be able to type in the description of the property and enter the values for that property.

You can assign five different values to a property, and add a note if necessary.

Once you assign a property to a product, it will appear in the product section of that particular property.

Once you are done creating the wanted properties and you save the changes, to assign the properties to products go to:

Inventory > Products and services

Choose the wanted product from the list, open it and go to 'edit' mode, to enable changing. Scroll down to the 'product properties' section and expand it.

Here you will have offered all the product properties that you have created on your product properties list and you will be able to choose the wanted values from the drop down menu.

If you want to assign another property to this product that is not created previously, you can always use the 'setup: product properties' option to create a new product property on the spot.

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