If you want to keep a close track of your production and know on which job site each one of your employees is currently working, and track their planned and realized time using time sheets, you must enter your employees in the system beforehand.

To enter you employee information, go to:

Manufacturing > employees

Once you open it, and go to 'add new' the system will give you a page where you will be able to enter the basic information about your employee, such as name, date of birth, job title, as well as their address contact phone etc.

You also have the option to add attachments, enter additional descriptions and you have an event section, from were you can directly assign different events to this employee, and for whic he can receive a notification through his gmail account.

Once you've done that, here is how your employee list will look like:

Now, when you start creating a work order, you will get a column in the work operation section, where you will be able to choose an employee from the list from the drop-down menu.

And to see a full overview of all of your employees their working hours, you can do that by going to the time sheets:

Manufacturing > time sheets

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