B2B portal (Customer portal)

ERPAG has a fully integrated B2B portal.

To enable a customer portal view for your customers, go to

Administration > Users > Create > Customer portal

Here you will assign the username and password for your customer, type in the basic information and choose from the drop-down menu the customer to which you want to assign these credentials.

In the user authorization line you can set up the restrictions for that user by checking and unchecking the boxes according to the legend.

These restrictions can be individual for each user.

The customers will use the credentials you assigned them to log in to the B2B portal, by going to www.erpag.com.

This is how the B2B portal looks like from the customer point of view:

The customers will also be able, depending on the limits you assign, to have an insight into their orders, unpaid invoices and ledger reports.

By selecting the products and placing them in the shopping cart, your customers will create a sales order that will appear on your sales order list.

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