Fulfillment flow

The fulfillment flow is a complete process from sales inquiry until delivering the product to the customer.

ERPAG has the fulfillment option that will help you to easier order items that you don’t have in stock but you need them in order to complete the sales order.

In order for the items to appear in the fulfillment, you have to generate a sales order that will have ‘no quantity’ or ‘partial quantity’ status. You can create a sales order by going to:

Sales > Sales orders > Create

Once you’ve done that, you can create a purchase order using the ‘fulfillment’ option. Go to:

Purchasing > Fulfillment

Here, on the fulfillment list, you will see all the items that you need to order from your suppliers in order to be able to complete the generated sales orders.

On the list, you will also see the item from the sales order that was generated moments ago.

If you see a magnifying glass in front of the suppliers name, that means that you have multiple suppliers for that item, and by clicking on the magnifying glass you can choose for which supplier you want to generate a purchase order for.

Now, you can create a purchase order with just one click, by using the bulk action.

Confirm this, and the purchase order for the wanted item will be generated and it will appear on the purchase order list.

To receive the item to your stock, go to:

Purchasing > Purchase orders

Choose the wanted purchase order from the list and open it. Click on receive, post the document and the item will placed in your stock.

Now, you will have the sufficient quantity to complete the generated sales order.

From here, you can proceed to pack the items and ship them to your customer.

To read a detailed instruction about this option, that takes in account all the specific cases, go to:


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