Reserved items

If you want to check the report of reserved items, go to inventory module.

Inventory > reserved items

Here, you will see the list of all the products that are reserved. Available informations are:

  • SKU, Description and unit of measure of the reserved product

  • Date and time of generated document

  • Document type (sales order, work order)

  • Booked quantity (reserved quantity)

  • Unit Of Measure (UOM)

  • Warehouse

The products that are on this list are products on the sales orders that have status 'entered', or in the work orders that have status 'available quantity'.

If you open a product, you will see a 'reserved quantity' field and info button on it. Once you click on it, the system will show you for which sales order/work order is this product reserved for.

Your list of products and services also has the 'reserved quantity column'.

And so does your Inventory/Stock list report.

Once you pack the sales order, or load material into work order, the items will disappear from the list of reserved items.

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