Basic Interface

Basic interface of ERPAG Mobile App

The login screen

This is the first screen you get when you open the ERPAG Mobile App. There are text boxes where you put in your credentials as well as buttons to sign in with Google or Microsoft accounts.

In order to log into ERPAG Mobile app, you have to be open as 'MOBILE DEVICE' user type in ERPAG desktop version. And use those credentials to log in.

Main page

After you login, you will be taken to the main page. On this page you can access Products, Inventory, Manufacturing and other pages.

On the top left of the screen there is a button with 3 parallel lines. This button opens the side bar. Once you open the sidebar you can change the current warehouse, switch to Point Of Sale and logout.

Point of Sale

In the Point of Sale page you can use your mobile device as a POS Terminal to create sales orders directly from the device. On the POS page you have a list of items as well as their respective prices.

Shopping cart

On the top right of the PoS Page you can see a shopping cart icon. That's where items go if you tap onto them.

From there you can check out with credit card, cash, or request money.

Stripe account is needed to check out with credit cards.

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