Variable product

In order to create a variable product in ERPAG, first you need to create the wanted variations by going to:

Inventory > Product properties > Add new

Once you've donr that, you need to assign the created properties to the wanted products in your inventory. Go to:

Inventory > Product and services

Choose the wanted product from the list and open them. Click on 'edit' to enable changing. Scroll down to the 'product properties' section, expand it and choose the variations from the drop down menu.

So far, this is the explanation how to create the variations that belong to the variable product. Each of these variations will be a single product, set up the same way as all other products and it will have it's own SKU and description.

To sum up one more time:

First, you open the variations as products and assign them SKUs and properties. Then add them under a single variable product which you will create afterwards.

Once you are done creating the variations, you can move forward and create the variable product.

Inventory > Products and services > Add new > Variable products

This will open a window where you will enter the necessary information for the master product and in the 'product variations' section, you will add the variations for this product, by choosing the from the drop-down menu.

Once you save the changes, the variable product will be added to your inventory.

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