Oath 2.0

You can sign up for a new ERPAG account by using the Oauth2 authentication method.

• While being logged in your Google or Windows Live ID account, go to the official ERPAG website and select one of the two sign up methods, Google or Windows Live ID.

ERPAG uses built in Oauth2.0 authentication method which will enable you to use e.g google services automatically.

ERPAG currently integrates with next Google services:

  • Gmail

  • Google calendar

  • G Drive

Also, there is a way to integrate Google services for the newly created user account. If you are system admin and you have an administrator privileges, then you can create new user accounts.

If you wish to add you G Suit users to ERPAG just go to Administration > Users and create a new users with type: Google

When you enter an email and full name important part is to pay attention SEND INVITATION button

G suite install

As a G suite admin you need to install Erpag from G suite market place.

Go to you G suite admin panel and select apps> marketplace apps

Click the "+" (top right corner) and find ERPAG

When you install ERPAG as an app it should be visible on you app marketplace dashboard, and users should be automatically be visible in your ERPAG account.

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