Manufacturing project - Basics

When do we use manufacturing projects(MP)? How to use MPs Reporting.

Manufacturing Project enables you to track multiple work orders arranged inside one project.

Usual implementations:

  • Multi-level products

  • Simple construction

  • HVAC

  • on site installations

Manufacturing project summarizes all costs in one place so from the cost perspective you can know where are you standing for each project.

Basic interface

As all forms in ERPAG, MP form is also split in sections. First section is Document header.

In document header you can see general references or meta data describing this Manufacturing Project.




incremental number for MP defined by the system


standard text field limited to 8 characters

Date time

Date and time of document creation


Default inventory Warehouse


Free text filed (256 characters long) for describing project

Planned start

Date time of planned start


Date time for finishing date

Estimated cost

Summarized value combining all WO included in project

Second section

In order to represent the structure of the project - we use rectangles which are designed to show basic info for each work order submitted in project.

Third section is representation in Gantt charts

Gantt chart

a chart in which a series of horizontal lines shows the amount of work done or production completed in certain periods of time in relation to the amount planned for those periods.

Sample from the gantt chart preview

Last section represents summary table

Here you can see all items, sub-assemblies and work operations included in the project. Values are grouped based on the type:

  • Finished products

  • Raw materials

  • Work operations

Each group has its own summary row so you can see cost exploded by type

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