Suppliers price list

You can import your suppliers price list in ERPAG by going to

Purchasing > Suppliers 

Once you open the wanted supplier from the list and go to edit mode, under the suppliers price list section you can start importing information from your xls spreadsheet.

Copy the columns from the spreadsheet and paste them to the matching columns in ERPAG. Suppliers SKU, priority, shipping days and description are optional fields. Save the changes.

Now, when you have a sales order for one of the products from the suppliers list and no quantity in stock, in the purchasing module, under fulfillment, you will have a product to that supplier linked to it.

From here, you will easily generate a purchase order by selecting the wanted item (or more) from the list and creating a purchase order via bulk action menu.

ERPAG will generate a PO with the price from the imported list.

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