Outstanding pay-outs

When you generate the supplier's invoice from the purchase order, that invoice will be listed in the outstanding pay-outs.

Purchasing > outstanding pay-outs

In this list you will see the purchase order number, how many days do you have left to pay the invoice, due date, supplier, and unpaid amount.

You can, of course, filter, group and sort this list by any column in order to create custom reports.

If you select payments from the list, by checking the boxes in front of them, you can

  • Record payment

  • Export Batch Wires

  • Merge payments

By recording the payment, you will just select the type of the bank account/cash/write off from which you will deduct the selected amount. The paid purchase orders will disappear from the list.

By exporting the batch wires, you can choose whether you will export the selected amounts in xls or csv.

And you can merge two or more payments into one. The important thing is to enter the reference number (which can be one of the selected ones or a brand new one).

The selected payments will be merged into one

This function is useful when you have an overpaid supplier's invoice. With this option, you will merge two or more invoices from the same supplier, and the overpaid amount will be deducted.

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