Archive documents

Every documents’ list contains each document that has ever been entered. We have left them for reporting purposes (e.g. we need information about gross sales of shipped sales orders). But if you have more than one year in the system, it is hard to find data that you need (e.g. we want to filter packed sales orders or we need to see only not completed documents in the list).

The solution is an archive document option.

When a document has the status “Completed” or “Voided”, button “Archive document” will be shown.

The result will be a new status - “archived” and the document will be removed from the list.

If you want to undo, you can use the option “unarchive document”.

Also, if you need to see archived documents on the list, you have the option “Show – Archived”.

This option has three cases.

  1. . Archived documents are hidden;

  2. Archived documents are showed with regular documents;

  3. Only archived documents are shown.

Note: Color of archived documents is gray in the list.

You can use “bulk action” to archive/unarchive multiple documents. Also, you can use the same option to archive documents that don’t have status “completed”.

For now, archiving documents can be done manually. It’s in our plan to make archiving an automatic process for documents that have been completed a year ago.

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