User activity

In ERPAG, you can have different types of users.

  • The Administrator (Admin) is the user that has full access to all the modules and can also perform changes in regards to other users.

  • The Operator is the type of user that can have different restrictions set up by the admin. These restrictions can be set up by going to

Administration > Users 

Once you've opened the wanted user from the list, you can set up different authorizations by simply checking/unchecking the boxes. This can be individual for each user and it can be changed over time.

But, you can also track the activity of users working within the system by going to:

Administration > User activities

On this list you will be able to see which user perform which change on which document and the exact time when the change happened.

Also, on the sales order list, you have a column 'owner', where you will be able to track which user generated a particular sales order.

Sales > Sales orders

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