POS - Managing and printing the receipt

Once you selected or scanned all the items you are selling, they will be shown in the receipt area (top right corner).

The selected items always have quantity of 1. If you want to increase the quantity, or give a discount, just expand the wanted item, make the changes and save them. Once you have completed everything, click on the total button.

Once you click on the 'total' button, it will lead you to the payment mode. Here you can select the customer (if you have it in the system), select status (fulfilled/to order) and choose the payment type: cash, credit card, checks, voucher. Based on the entered amount in the wanted field, the 'return' field will be populated automatically:

Credit card payment can be stripe and mail to.

  • Stripe

  • Mail to

If you have stripe connected to ERPAG, once you choose 'stripe' as a type of payment, you will get a window where you will add the email of your customer, and his credit card information.

If you click on 'mail to', you will just have to enter the email address of your customer.

The customer will get a payment link on his email, after they click on the link, they will get the same stripe payment window to enter their credit card information.

However, until the customer doesn't confirm the payment, you shouldn't close the window in ERPAG, because closing it will terminate the payment request.

If you still have some corrections to make, you can click on the 'back' button and make the changes. If not, click on the 'print' to get a print preview of the receipt.

After you print the receipt, this transfer will appear in your sales order list. If you didn't select the customer, it will be shown as Point of sale.

From here, you can printout the copy of the receipt note if needed.

If you want your prices in POS to be shown with or without tax included, you will set that up in

Administration > localization > edit > show price in POS

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