Serial and LOT numbers

In ERPAG, you can track your products by serial or lot numbers or both. While the serial numbers are unique, and each piece has it's own serial number, lot numbers belong to an entire batch. Except that, what differs the lot number from a serial number, is the expiry date. Each lot number has it's own expiry date.

Generating serial/lot numbers can be manual or automatic. To enable tracking open a product, click on edit to enable changing and select serial/lot number tracking.

The first example will be manual entry.

This means that upon receiving/selling/using the tracked item in the production, you will have to manually enter the serial and lot numbers that are leaving your warehouse. After you click on the 'receive button' in PO, or 'pack button' in SO, or load material button in WO, you will have to type in the serial and lot numbers. You can quick add the lot numbers, or pre-enter them in inventory > lot numbers section.

A few products can belong to one lot number. For example a pack of milk bottles 
(12 bottles in a pack) can belong to LOT-12122018.
When it comes to serial numbers, each bottle has to have it's own serial numbers.
Two or more bottles can't share the same serial number. 
In the above mentioned example, we would have 12 different serial numbers.

In our example, we will also have 2 different lot numbers.

Post the document to record the changes and put items in your inventory.

When selling the tracked item or producing them, after you click on the 'pack' button in SO, or 'deliver finished goods' button in WO, you will have to pick/enter the serial numbers from the drop-down menu. When you pick the serial number, the lot number will automatically be populated. Post the document to record the changes and remove items from your stock.

In our next example, we will set the product to be auto-tracked. This means that the system will automatically generate serial and lot numbers upon receiving/packing/material loading.

After clicking the 'receive' button in the purchase order, the system will automatically populate the serial numbers, but the Lot Numbers will be grayed out and locked.

After you post the document, the lot numbers will appear in the goods received note.

When you create a sales order and click on 'pack', the system will offer you to choose the serial number from the drop-down, and it will automatically link the lot number.

Or you can choose auto-serial/lot numbers button on the right-hand menu, and the serial/lot numbers will populate automatically. Post the document to record the changes and deduct items from your stock.

The third example is for products that are tracked by Lot numbers - auto (YYYYMMDD).

This option will automatically generate you a lot number upon receiving/producing in year-month-day format. Post the document to record the changes and place items in your inventory.

To define serial/lot number pattern, go to Administration > Document numbers setup.

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