Reccuring orders

Recurring orders in ERPAG are used for products and services that are provided on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, such as cleaning, maintaining, driving etc.

The first thing you will do is create the service (or a product) you are providing by going to

Inventory > Products and Services > Add new > Service/Product

Type in all the necessary information and save it.

Once you've done that, you can proceed to create a new recurring order by going to:

Sales > Recurring orders > Create

Once you start creating the recurring order, you will see that the system will offer you to define the recurring invoice period and the start date, duration of invoicing and period type, based on which the system will recalculate the end date.

Select the wanted service/product in the item line and save the changes.

When the contract starts, click on the 'start' button and confirm it.

The order will get the 'in process' tag.

When your contract is over or you want to stop invoicing automatically, just go back to the recurring order, click on the 'cancel' button and confirm it.

The invoice will get the tag 'cancelled' and the invoices will no longer be generated.

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