Information about the Receive tab

In the receive tab you can see purchase orders that are ready to be received.

To receive an item from a purchase order

Tap on the item and then input the correct quantity. After you input the quantity go back by pressing the top left back button.

Pressing the built in back button on Android will not save the quantity!

Once you are finished tap on the top right forklift icon and tap on Receive goods.

To search for an item inside Receiving

You can search for items inside Receiving by SKU, EAN, UPC or name by tapping the search bar. To change the type of search to name tap on the barcode icon to the left of the search bar. To delete entered information use the delete icon to the right of the search bar.

Scan items to receive them!

You can also scan an items barcode to receive it. Tap on the camera icon in the bottom and scan using your devices camera. The app will automatically add 1 to the receiving items. Scan it multiple times or edit the quantity to change it.

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