POS - New Receipt

To create a new receipt in ERPAG, go to

Sales > new receipt

Make sure to choose the correct warehouse

You have 3 types of searching:

  • Touch


  • Search

In the touch mode you will pick the products from the display by simply clicking on the products. You can also switch between the product categories. If you have uploaded product images, they will be show as well. Each time you click on a product, it will be selected in the top right corner (receipt).

If you switch to EAN/UPC mode, you will just scan the labels on your products and the receipt (on the top right corner) will be populated automatically.

In the search mode, you will simply just type in what are you searching for. The first three columns will be narrowed down as you are typing what are you searching for: SKU, EAN/UPC and description. Once you find the wanted item, press 'enter' if you narrowed the search to one item, or click on the wanted item with the right click on your mouse if you have more than one item on your screen.

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