Import - BOM (Bill Of Materials)

In case you have the Bill of Materials in an xls spreadhseet, you can easily import it in ERPAG.

If you have the finished product and parts (materials) entered in ERPAG, make sure that the SKUs and descriptions match exactly both in the system and in your xls, otherwise the system might double them. If you don't have parts and/or finished product entered in the system, they will be automatically added with the import.

You can download the template for the BOM import from the import window.

Inventory > products and services > import > bill of materials

When you get a window for importing the BOM, click on the more button and 'export to xls' in order to export the blank template to your computer.

You will get an empty xls spreadsheet with neccessary columns for import. You can either just add the captions of the columns to your xls, or copy/paste the information to the downloaded one.

The populated xls spreadsheet for importing should look like this:

Make sure that you have the captions of the column entered, otherwise the system will skip the first row when you copy/paste the information to ERPAG.

Just copy entire colmn from your xls, along with the caption of the column and empty rows (don't worry about those, they won't be imported).

And paste it to a matching column in ERPAG.

Do this for all columns. The finished table should look just like your xls spreadsheet.

From here, just save the document and the system will import the product, along with its bill of materials.

The imported products (the finished product and materials) will automatically appear in your list of products and services as well (unless you already had them entered before importing).

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