Send inventory

In order to send inventory from ERPAG, you need to first create a sales order, or generate one from the quotation and pack the items. You can pack the items fully or partially and send them. Only after you send everything you have in a specific sales order, you will be able to generate the invoice. When you generate a Sales Order, you can have 3 different quantity statuses: no quantity, partial quantity or available quantity.

When you have available quantity or partial quantity, you can start packing your sales order, by clicking on the green 'pack' button.

After the activation, in the same document the ‘Packing List’ will be generated and it will suggest the items and their quantities for packing. The 'on hand' column will show you how many items you have available in your inventory.

The quantity that you want to pack you will enter in the chart by simply retyping the suggested quantities. For the items that are completely unreceived, you will eater type in zero as a quantity or delete it from the chart.

With the ‘Post Document option’ we are packing the item quantity that we adjusted, and those items will be ready for Shipping.

If we haven’t packed the complete quantity, the ‘Pack’ option will be visible again and we will have the possibility to generate a new Packing List, where the system will offer us the rest of the quantity.

The existing Sales Order changes: for each Packing List that we generate, the system will create a ‘Packing List’ panel within the Sales Order, that we will be able to expand in order to see the packed content.

In case there has been a mistake during the packing process, it’s possible to separately Void any of the Packing Lists or the entire Sales Order.

After the entire quantity is packed, it’s possible to generate an Invoice.

The status of the document will be ‘Partially Packed’ if the items are packed partially and ‘Packed’ if the items are packed completely.

In case you partially packed the quantity, but you do want to generate the invoice for the items you shipped, you have the ability to split the document.

By activating this option, we will generate another Sales Order (with the same number), and the status will be 'entered'.

In the source document will remain only the packed quantity (as well as services, if there are any) and that document will change its status to ‘Packed’.

Now it is possible to generate an Invoice for the packed sales order, by clicking on the green Invoice button. The status of the document will be Invoiced.

From here you can generate a payment, or ship the order, in order for your invoiced sales order to get statuses paid and shipped.

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