Landed cost

Landed cost is a total price of a product, once it has arrived at a buyers door.

The landed cost includes all the transportation fees, customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion.

When you are creating a purchase order in ERPAG, you will see a landing cost box. Choose the adequate cost from the drop down menu and the box to type in the amount will appear.

Here you will type in the total amount of all landing cost you have linked to this purchase order.

Once you enter all the necessary information and save this purchase order, ERPAG will include the landing price in the total purchase amount of this order.

You can enter the invoices for the landing cost in the purchase module.

Purchasing > Landed costs > Create

Once you start creating this invoice, select the supplier from the drop-down menu and type in the purchase order number in the reference number field, so you will know to which purchase order this landed cost is linked to.

Once you select the service in the item line, define the price and save the document and just post it when you receive the invoice from your supplier.

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