How to create bill of material as a product
To create a Bill of materials you need to create a new product

Standard fields

Fill the standard product fields. (like in a simple product)
Go to products and services and create a new product.

BOM definition

From the Fullfilment list select the bom as back order
In the general fulfillment section you have next fields:
    base qty-initial production quantity
    estimated cost-derived from the sum of costing of each component
    minimum stock qty
    and estimated time
In bill of materials section you need to build up your componentes and sub components
You can create different types of BOM:
    single level
    without final product
    services only
    and multi-level or complex BOM

Other settings

as you define all components you can continue with product definition in other sections:
    define images
    barcodes and serials
    additional info
Last modified 2yr ago