Standard Work Order

A work order is a document in Erpag that transforms raw materials using labor, raw materials and machines in order to get the final product.

Work Order Types

Based on how does Erpag fulfills and uses raw materials in the Work Order (WO), we can define next WO types:

  • Standard Work Order

  • WO based on Bill of Materials

  • WO based on Contractor

Standard work order

This document uses simple flow control to convert raw materials into final products

Basic steps:

  • Fill-in document header

  • Define work operations (if any)

  • Enter raw materials (if any)

  • Define final product

Start Work order:

Manufacturing  > Work Orders > Create > Standard WO

Select the input and output warehouse, and how the stock price of your finished products will be calculated.

Then enter your work operations with planned time and cost per hour (the cost will recalculate automatically when you enter the planned time), your input items and your output items. In this step you can manually correct the cost and prices. The estimated cost will be shown in the document header section.

After you save the work order, the status of your WO will be 'entered', while the quantity status will be 'no quantity, partial quantity or available quantity'.

If you are purchasing the missing input items from your supplier, they will show up in the fulfillment list under purchasing module. If you are producing the items in your own facility, the missing input items will show up in the fulfillment list under manufacturing module.

Once you have available quantity status, you can start loading your materials, partially or in total (just retype the quantity before posting the document). This will form the 'material loading' document, and the input items will be deducted from your stock.

The next step is to deliver the finished goods. Posting this document, 'finished goods note', you are placing the produced items in your stock.

In case you don't partially load material or the planned time of your working operations equals to your realized time, you can click on the 'complete as planned' button and all the steps will automatically be completed.

If you have a standard work order, and you want to add a product based on BOM to that same WO, while in the edit mode, you can click on the 'Bill of materials' 'button

Select the product based on BOM, it's quantity and the multi level type - single level or exploded, and add it to the document.

This will add the selected finished product and it's components and work operations to your original standard work order. Save the document and continue to work as usual.

This option is only available in Standard Work Order.

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