Default document settings

If you want to adjust you default document settings so the system will offer you the chosen set up every time you are creating or importing an type of product, customers, suppliers, sales orders, purchase orders, work orders or any other type of document, you can do that in advance, rather then adjusting every option every single time you are entering new data.

In order to set up the default document settings, do the following:

Administration > Default document settings

This will open a window where you will see all the options you can adjust and how there setting look like on default.

In order to make all the wanted changes, go to edit mode and choose from the options offered in the drop-down menu.

If among the offered options you don't find the one that suits you, you can always create it in the appropriate place within the system.

For example, to add an additional product category, trademark, shelf etc, go to inventory module.

To add a customer/supplier category, go to sales module etc.

The search scoop option for all the services and product types will enable you to choose in which searches this particular type of product or service will appear.

Once you save the issued changes, every time that you are creating or importing something new, these changes will be offered on default.

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