Utility Bills

A utility bill is a monthly bill you receive from a public service such as telephone, electricity, gas, water etc. In ERPAG, those are defined as 'bill items'.

To create a bill item, go to:

Inventory > Products and Services > Add new > Bill item

When you are creating the bill item, besides the basic info, you will also have to define the expense account.

Once you have defined your bill items, you can move forward and create the utillity bill. That can be done in three different ways:

  • you can create it directly from that product:

Inventory > Products and Services > open the bill item from the list

When you open the item, just click on the 'create' button on the right-hand side and choose 'utility bill' from the drop down menu.

  • The second way to create the utility bill is directly from the supplier:

Purchasing > Suppliers >select the wanted supplier from the list

If you defined the supplier when creating the bill item or you have imported this suppliers price list, you will already have the item offered, in the 'supplier price list' line, when you open the supplier.

  • You can also create a utility bill directly from the list by going to:

Purchasing > Utility bills > Create

Select the supplier from the drop down menu and the service you are paying, adjust other necessary information such as purchase price etc., save the document and the utility bill will be created.

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