Time recording

How to track and record work operation time

Record time using WO

Record time using time sheets

First you need to get grouped list of all active time sheets. Time sheets are grouped by employee.

Don't be confused because in this example all sheets have status 'not assigned'. just click on the -> arrow and you will see individual time sheets by work operation.

If you wish you can assign them from here or from the original WO.

Now you just need to enter recorded time in the 'realized time' section in work order.

Record time using ERPAG mob app

Mobile app directly integrates with ERPAG. All documents entered in ERPAG are automatically visible for mobile users.

Also, all transactions are exchanged instantly which means that ERPAG and ERPAG Mobile app are working in an online-live environment.

To record time you can use same logic as in ERPAG - just open time sheets and select specific operation/task

Another way is to go to WO and there you can use time track as well:

If you wish to pause the recording just click the pause button. If you wish to complete tracking, you can do that by clicking complete button.

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