Notes: Templates

If you want to create a note template to appear on one in particular or on each document of a specific type, you can do that by going to

Administration > Notes: Templates > Create

You can choose from the drop-dowu on which document you want the created note to appear.

You will get a window enabling you to type in the description, the content of the note and to choose whether you want to add this note manually on the documents you want or you want it to appear on default. Save it.

If you decide to add it manually, every time you create a sales order, in the 'note (sales order)'0 section, you will able to choose this template from the drop-down menu and add it tho the wanted document.

If you selected for the note to appear on default, it will appear on each sales order you create automatically.

You can create as many templates as your workflow requires, for the same or different type of document. The information whether it will appear on default or not will be visible on the list.

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